The Loneliest Road



Seymour, Indiana



From Washington DC to San Francisco in 30 days, traveling on one of the longest highways of America. The US50, also called The Loneliest Road, is a 3000 mile ride from the east to the west coast. Or the opposite direction if you want to drive the other way. A rental car, a credit card, some camping gear, and sometimes by using the great hospitality of Americans, you'll never have the idea sitting in the car too long on any given day .The days and thus the distance fly by as the landscape continously changes. In 30 days, travelling 3000 miles seem like much, but isn't at all. Only a 100 miles per day as a minimum distance and you have the rest of the day to meet interesting people.

Sometimes the photo-opportunities as planned on paper didn't turn out the way they were supposed to go. Bad weather causes you to travel too slowly, a series of boring villages of nothing but two empty houses day after day make sure you're ahead of schedule too far too easy. A circus full of promises keeping you on a leash, causing you to return to the motel empty handed photographywise at the end of a long day. A small natural disaster that will make you put one of the most beautiful mountain passes on your to-do list, again. Tomorrow it 'll be better, for sure.

Kansas is nice if you like open spaces and enjoy driving in pretty much a straight line. You'll only have to turn the steeringwheel again after a 150 miles. And the next turn after that is a 100 miles away more, so do not forget to refuel. The radio does not work because, no reception. A great opportunity to give all your songs on your ipod some newfound attention. Ashley & Stacey, two friendly waitresses of a fast food restaurant in a small village, now and then a lonely trucker, a curious fisherman named Charles or two guys with a dirt bike on their way to an unknown destination. It is the people that you'll encounter as you drive through the United States, casually asking if you can take their picture. A photo of a friendly convicted man doing Community Service while keeping his leaf blower on, otherwise, it might sound like he ran away from his duty as the sherrif is right arround the corner.

The quiet roads are easy on the wallet as accommodation is usually affordable, camping often means being the only soul on site, or together with the souls of billions of mosquitoes. In the middle of the night, right next to the tent, a small animal is mauled by a much larger beast. At least, that's what it sounds like if you really need to go. Occasionally, prices of normally affordable accommodation go up quickly after the discovery of oil in the ground, taking advantage of the influx of oil companies.

A brief encounter for often no more than a few minutes long, are long enough to briefly put an American on a pedestal because wherever you go, whatever event doesn't take place or appointment doesn't show up, you'll always find someone else for a brief but interesting conversation . If its not the local sheriff, Andy, who proudly poses for his patrolcar, then perhaps it is a preacher who claims that Elvis is still alive so. These people make that The Loneliest Road perhaps looks lonely, but rarely is experienced that way.



The photographer Hans Palmboom in his natural habitat.



Randalph, Utah





Offroad Park, Texas



West Virginia



Back from hunting, Texas



Ashley & Stacey - Sonic Drive in Restaurant



Bikers Rally, Texas



Ghost Town, California






Randalph, Utah









Offroad Park, Texas






Lone Jack Motel



Custom Car Show, Texas



President Obama announcing there was indeed a chemical attack in Syria



Galveston, Texas



Larry, Idaho Falls Motel 6



Evacuation Procedure



Gracy Springsteen






Conroe Highschool, Texas



Horse Head Campground



Joe doing community service. The leafblower stays on or else the Sherriff might think he ran away.










Russel Noel, owner of Country Classic Cars, Illinois.

Some reviews taken from Google Maps:

If I could give this knuckle heads a 100 negative stars I would. Don't ever buy anything from these thieves, just like majority of the people writing reviews on here I had the same experience. They said the truck needed some finishing touches, yea right.... 10K worth of work is not finishing touches! on top of that it was completely unsafe and dangerous to sit in let alone drive! Now i think they are going to commit fraud by forging my signature on an IRS doc that they never gave me! I have 10 vehicles in the garage and all bought through private party ... never through a dealer, thats the way to go, used car dealers by majority are from the bottom of the barrel, the good ones are few and far between and Country Classic Cars are CLASSIC CRIMINALS! STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!

these people are the biggest thieves on the planet . I wouldn't buy a lawn mower from them. I bought what they said was a GOOD MECHANICALLY SOUND 65 ford mustang asked them to look the car over for me .they gave a good report so I went ahead and bought the car.biggest mistake I ever made,so I brought the car to a mechanic and found that this was definitely not the case the frame was rotted complelty through on one side.the floor resembled more like swiss cheese then metal , but wait it gets better . the right side shock tower was completely rotted to the point that they put spring helpers in place to keep the car level because all the metal was slowly collapsing . now im no dummy I knew I was going to have to put money into the car . its a used car and I a had a budget just for that . but this was something I was not made aware of or prepared for . this car needed atleast 10 grand worth of work to make it right. when I brought all this to there attention they really didn't care . they told me I bought the car AS IS . what ? as is ? my response was , when were you going to tell me this ? because honestly I had no idea . after a lengthy phone conversation which really got me nowhere . I was stuck with a complelty rotted pile of junk in my driveway. they only thing they wanted to do was to have me ship the car back so they could sell it and return my money but at this point I knew the car was worthless and I didn't trust them in any way at this point. so my advise to anyone looking to purchase a classic car STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE JOKERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CARE FOR THERE CUSTOMERS OR THE CONDITION OF THE VEHICLE YOUR TRYING TO BUY FROM THEM .DONT DO IT UNLESS COURSE YOU LIKE BEING RIPPED OFF AND THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY. GOOD LUCK

They post really nice photos of the vehicles they have for sale, but when you go there - and pay money just to enter the property - you find that most of the cars are either rotting out in a field or stuffed into one of several huge sheds. The cars that are indoors are being slowly destroyed by mice and other varmints and are covered in bird crap, dust and dirt. There is no way I would ever pay what they are asking for most of their cars and trucks.



Carson & Barnes Circus (sucked)



Lake Tahoe



Seymour, Indiana



Gun Store, Texas





Gulf Greyhound Racing Park












Tygart State Park, West Virginia



Cowgirl Event, Texas



Miss Texas



Versailles State Park



Purdis Junk Yard



Randalph, Utah





1st Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment, Texas

An airbase where Apache helicopters are maintained & tested after battle.



Purdis Junk Yard













Custom car show, Texas







Bonneville Speedway, Nevada






















Randalph, Utah



Tygart State Park