Bill Beeny, Elvis and Jezus





Bill Beeny is a firm believer that Elvis Presley was still alive when he was carried to the grave. No, not being burried alive. The body in the coffin didn't belong to Elvis Presley, and Mr. Beeny has FBI documents to prove it. The documents indicate that Elvis Presley was an undercover FBI agent apparently. But those where the early days. Now, Mr. Beeny is running a chapel in Madisonville, Kentucky to help the poor. Together with his wife, the chapel raises more than $6000 per month and tons of food. He dedicates his life nowadays to those who need it the most, with his much loved dog Julie never leaving his side and a huge inspiration for his poems and internet radio broadcastings.



The sign says:

'Bill Beeny and 'Elvis' only living aunt Lois Smith .... .... ...
His aunt says 'Elvis is alive'

May 13, 1999

(Some text is almost illegible so i could be slightly wrong)



Julie the Shi-Tzu. Mr. Beeny found her abandoned on a road and took care of her. It really is a sweet dog and the inspiration of most of Mr. Beeny's poems and prayers. One wall of Mr. Beeny's office has articles about stray dogs, the other wall about abortions. The third wall is about Elvis & Jezus.



An overview of the chapel



From his office, Mr. Beeny regulary broadcasts poems, prayers and teachings over the internet.



Mr. Beeny's wife.



FBI rapports showing Elvis Presley worked for them. (i didn't read them)



Julie the Shi-Tzu



Free food for those in need, donated by the community.